Welcome to the Flight Club MiG-29 fighter jet rides tutorial.

Travel with us to the world famous Sokol airbase in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia and hitch a ride in the legendary MiG-29 fighter jet! This is not a simulator. You will be in the co-pilot seat of the MiG-29 and do not need any prior flight experience.

This page explains how you can customize your MiG-29 in-air flight plan, shows a video of what to expect during your flight on-board the MiG-29, provides a detailed description of available trip itineraries, associated tour prices and booking procedures. At the end, we have all the answers to FAQs.


For a better idea of what to expect during your MiG-29 flight, 

check out the video and see the MiG-29 in action:


Q: Are there any other places in he world where I can fly a MiG-29?
A: No. There is only one place in the world where you can fly a MiG and that is at the Sokol airbase in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Sokol airbase is the birthplace of the MiGs and boasts a modern aircraft manufacturing plant. MiG flights in Sokol are being carried out with the permission of the Russian Ministry of Defence and guarantee the highest standards of professionalism and aviation safety.

Q: How serious are the pre-flight medical checks?
A: Good health is essential to guaranteeing your safety during the MiG flight. However, your pilot will adjust the intensity level of his in-air performance to suit your personal fitness level and overall state of well-being. The pre-flight check-ups are mostly general in nature. You do not need to present any medical certificates. Only people who have undergone prior  head-, back- or heart surgery and people who are suffering from hypertension or barotrauma will be prohibited from flying the MiG. We have a lot of guests in the range between 60- 70 years of age and they have all performed their MiG flights without any problems. In over 290 MiG flights sold, we have never had a client fail his or her pre-flight medical.

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: Yes. You must be between 18 and 78 years of age to fly in the MiG.
However, we can discuss your personal case if you do indeed fall outside of these parameters.

Q: Are there any height and/ or weight restrictions for passengers?
A: Yes there are. MiG flight passengers should not be taller than 205 cm and/ or heavier than 110 kg.

Q: Do I need a pilot license?
A: No, you do not need a pilot license to ride in the MiG.

Q: What kind of outfit should I wear for the MiG-29 flight?
A: you'll be provided a special flight-suit for your MiG-29 flight. Under it, best wear comfortable sports wear. Regardless of the season, rather err on the warm side.

Q: Will I feel nauseous onboard the MiG-29?
A: you might, but probably you will be too busy having fun. Besides, you will be in constant 2-way communication with your pilot and can request for him to take it somewhat easy for a little while.

Q: Do you provide accident insurance?
A: yes, of course. We arrange for a special policy covering any accident which might occur during your time with us.

Q: Do you provide visa support for entry into the Russian Federation?
A: visa support is automatically included in the above listed prices if you book the 3 day or 5 day trip itinerary. Of course, we gladly assist in arranging for the necessary visa upon request if you did choose the 1 day itinerary as well. Prices for visas may vary as they depend on selected processing times at he embassy, and thus, the lead-up time of your request for visa assistance.

Q: Why are MiG-29 flights so expensive?
A: Depending on your flight plan, the powerful MiG-29 will burn between 3 and 5 tons of fuel during your ride. Besides, there are about 50 staff at the Sokol airbase involved in making your flight happen- pilot, air-traffic controllers, flight instructors, technicians, medical staff, fire-fighters, emergency response crews, navigation support, maintenance crew etc. It is our goal to provide you not only with a fun, but an ultra-safe experience and accordingly, this kind of thing has its price tag.

Q: What types of payment methods do you accept?
A: You can pay via electronic funds transfer into our foreign currency account. Your payment is due in full no later than 45 days prior to your scheduled flight date. 

Q: What types of service guarantees do you provide?
A: Flight Club service partners in Russia are recognized tour operators in the Russian Federation and listed in the public Registry of Tour Operators # MBT 010053. Accordingly, all our clients are protected by the Russian government with a mandatory minimum insurance amount of USD 1,000,000.00 for all types of risk factors involving touristic activities.

Q: What is your cancellation policy in case my MiG-29 flight is cancelled due to mistakes on your side?
A: we give you a full refund on all payments made within 30 days.

Q: What is your cancellation policy, change of travel dates policy in case I cannot travel as agreed because I get sick?
A: If you wish to cancel your trip entirely or if you wish to change your travel dates, the refund amount you are entitled to depends on how long before your scheduled MiG-29 flight dates you notify us:

> 15 days prior: we refund 70% of your payment 
< 15 days but > 5 days prior: we refund 55 % of your payment
< 5 days but > 3 days prior: we refund 35 % of your payment
</= 3 days prior: there will not be any refund paid

Any refund payments will be sent to the originating account within 30 days of receipt of your written request to cancel or postpone your trip. 
For more detail, please review our payment and refund policy.

Q: What is the minimum lead-up time required to process my booking?
A: We need 14 working days to process booking requests of Russian passport holders. Foreign guests need to allow for 65 days lead-up time in order to organize the required permissions, visas and security clearances.

Q: What about flight dates? Can I fly anytime I like?
A: Pretty much so. You can fly year-round, Mondays to Fridays, except on public holidays.



The MiG-29 will take you from the runway to 65,000 ft AGL - the edge-of-space. High enough for you to be able to confirm for yourself that the planet is still round. 

On the way back from the stratosphere, your pilot will show you what the MiG-29 can really do. Try to keep your cool during a series of combat aerobatic manoeuvres at mach 2.3!

The series of aerobatic manoeuvres your pilot will perform is identical to that of the MiG-29 supersonic aerobatic flight plan.

During the flight you will be in constant communication with the MiG pilot. Mainly depending on your personal fitness level and on your personal threshold for excitement and adrenaline, you can ask the pilot to up or down the intensity level when performing certain tricks. G-forces typically range from 3 to 7 Gs. 

The MiG-29 edge-of-space flight plan will keep you airborne for 40 breath-taking minutes by standard definition.

Many companies have been selling tickets to civilian suborbital space flight enthusiasts for flights onboard RLVs like the concept

Space Ship 2 with Virgin Galactic, the Lynx Rocket Plane etc. for years. Fact is, that until date, these projects have remained concepts only. 

In order to participate in a commercial suborbital flight, specific training will be required for all passengers. While most prospective manufacturers of RLVs acknowledging this fact, nobody is offering a specific, cost- and time-efficient training program. Our MiG-29 edge-of-space flight plan has been specifically designed with the goal to simulate realistic take-off sensations, suborbital flight conditions and re-entry scenarios which passengers onboard suborbital RLVs will likely have to endure. 

The MiG-29 edge-of-space flight plan is your chance to catch a glimpse of the future. Join an elite few who can appreciate what suborbital flight really feels like. Today.



You can opt to book the MiG-29 flight plan of your choice only. In this case, you can expect a turn-around time of approximately 6 hours for the entire experience.

Here is the hour-by-hour sequence of events:

09.00 am - 09.30 am

Our staff will welcome you at the reception of your hotel in Nizhny Novgorod. From there a chauffeur will pick you up and take you to the Sokol airbase. 

09.30 am - 09.45 am

Arrival at the security checkpoint of the Sokol airbase. You will need your passport and immigration card handy in order to pass. 

No personal cameras are permitted on the airbase, but you can request for a an official camera person to accompany you and shoot a documentary-style movie of the entire event. 

09.45 am - 10.30 am

Enjoy a guided tour at the Sokol airbase museum and learn about the history and the manufacturing process of the MiG-21, MiG-25, MiG-29 and MiG-31 fighter jet series. This tour is a special treat for our customers as the museum is closed for walk-ins.

10.30 am - 11.00 am

Briefing with flight instructors and the MiG-29 pilot in command of your flight. This is your chance to discuss the in-air flight plan and to voice any preferences you might have regarding its execution.

11.00 am - 11.15 am

Pre-flight medical check. The physician will check your blood-pressure and general health. A special medical certificate in advance is not required from your side. 

11.15 am - 11.30 am

You will go into the dressing room and receive your flight-suit. For MiG-29 edge-of-space flights and MiG-29 supersonic aerobatic flights, a special pressure- or G-suit is required. Your flight instructor will brief you on the use of helmet and oxygen mask.

11.30 am - 12.30 am

Your flight instructor will take you out to the runway and show you around the MiG-29. You will get a briefing regarding the most relevant instruments in the cockpit and radio communications. Once the briefing has ended, both you and the pilot will board  the MiG-29 and the cockpit canopy will be closed for the pre-flight check of all systems.

12.30 pm - 13.30 pm

Show time! Depending on the in-air flight plan which you have selected, the MiG-29 pilot will start to execute the particular elements of the program.

During the entire MiG-29 flight you will be in constant 2-way communication with the pilot in command. Mainly depending on your personal fitness level and your general condition at any phase of the flight, you can request to adapt the intensity level of certain tricks and choose to modify the flight-plan with a request to repeat certain elements, or to better skip them for the remainder of the routine. You can expect g-forces to range from 3 Gs to 7 Gs and go negative from time to time.

For an ultimate highlight experience, the pilot will ask you at some point during the flight to assume control of the MiG-29 and this legendary jet-fighter will be all yours to fly.  

13.30 pm - 13.45 pm

After your safe return to the Sokol airbase, this is your chance for a private photo session with the pilot in front of the MiG-29.

13.45 pm - 14.30 pm

After a well deserved shower, it is now time to attend the official award ceremony held to honour your accomplishment. You'll be presented a certificate which records all parameters of your flight. Of course, this historic moment is being recorded live by your camera crew and will be included in your video and photo album. 

14.30 pm - 14.45 pm

Our chauffeur will escort you off the Sokol airbase in true style and bring you back to your hotel in downtown Nizhny Novgorod, where it is time for us to say "it' s been cool to meet you and thank you for flying with us ".

Q: Does Flight Club sell gift certificates for the MiG flights in Sokol?
A: yes we do ;)

Q: How many passengers can you accommodate per day?
A: We can service 3 MiG-29 flights per day. 
Out of the 3, not more than 2 can be 'edge-of-space' flights. 

Q: Can I bring friends and family to the Sokol airbase?
A: Each MiG-29 flight passenger can be accompanied by up to 3 friends or family members when visiting the Sokol airbase. They can come with you to the pre-flight briefing and preparations and can eye-witness the MiG-29 taking-off and landing. If you wish, you can request for your flight plan to be executed mainly in the vicinity of the Sokol airbase, for an air-show style presentation (that option obviously does not work for edge-of-space flight plans).





Arrive at the international airport in Nizhny Novgorod on a commercial air-line flight, connecting directly from either Vienna, AUT, Frankfurt GER, Kaliningrad or Moscow. A multi-lingual representative of our company will meet you upon arrival at the airport and escort you to your **** hotel in downtown Nizhny Novgorod. Once you have been checked-in, you'll have some free personal time to explore the downtown district and to relax.


The day of your MiG-29 flight. The detailed hourly sequence of events throughout the day is identical to the schedule listed above in the' MiG-29 flight only' itinerary.


Enjoy a private tour in one of our company vehicles and let your personal guide show you a genuinely good time in and around Nizhny Novgorod. There are plenty of interesting places to see and things to do and we'll work out a fun plan for the day as per your personal interests and preferences.


Check-out of the hotel anytime before noon. Our company representative will pick you up at the reception and bring you back to the Nizhny Novgorod airport for your departure flight.





Upon your arrival in Moscow, a company representative will pick you up at the airport of your arrival to escort you to the **** Golden Ring Hotel in downtown and to assist with your check-in procedures. Once you have settled in, there will be a short briefing providing you with an overview of the things to come. You will be given a local cell phone, so you can contact us at anytime.  Enjoy some private time until later in the evening when we will pick you up at a time convenient for you to take you out for a dinner in one of Moscow's finest restaurants.


You will check out of the hotel in the morning before your personal guide will pick you up and take you around Moscow in a company vehicle to show you some of the more spectacular sights in town.

After lunch in one of Moscow's top restaurants, we will take you to the Kurskiy railway station. From there, you'll catch a train and travel first-class to Nizhny Novgorod. Departure time from Moscow is 16.35 pm. You'll arrive in Nizhny Novgorod around 20.40 pm. Upon your arrival, a representative will pick you up at the train station and bring you to the **** Alexandrovsky Garden Hotel or the **** Nikol Hotel in downtown Nizhny Novgorod. Once you are checked-in, it's probably time to call it a night.


The day of your MiG-29 flight. The detailed hourly sequence of events throughout the day is identical to the schedule listed above in the' MiG-29 flight only' itinerary.


After checking-out of the hotel, your personal guide will pick you up and take you on a private sight-seeing tour in and around Nizhny Novgorod. Following a healthy lunch, we'll make our way back to the train station, where you'll hop onto the 'Sapsan' high-speed train back to Moscow. You'll arrive in Moscow in the early evening hours. Our representative will come pick you up at the train station and bring you back to he Golden Ring Hotel for the night.


This is the last day of your journey with us. Your personal guide will pick you up at the hotel, assist with check-out procedures and bring you to any of the Moscow airports for your departure flight.



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Should you have any unanswered questions regarding our MiG-29 flights, please feel free to send us an inquiry or speak with us directly using the convenient live chat feature on this site.





Experience what a low level pass feels like when you are going 1,200 km/h and test your metal during high-speed aerobatic manoeuvres like inverted flight, rolls, loops, tail-slides, hammer-head and more.

During the flight you will be in constant communication with the MiG-29 pilot and depending on how you feel, you can request for him to adjust the intensity level of the flight experience. You should expect G-forces ranging from 3-7 Gs.

You can also specify prior to the flight whether you would like to explore the vast Russian airspace during your MiG-29 flight or rather stay in the vicinity of the Sokol airbase for an air-show-style event, so your friends and family can eyewitness the spectacular MiG from the ground. 

It is your call whether you would like to fly the MiG-29 for 20 minutes or up-grade your experience to a 40 minute flight plan.



There are 3 options to choose from when selecting your trip itinerary:

1. MiG-29 flight experience only - a 1 day event

2. MiG-29 flight plus 3 days in and around Nizhny Novgorod

3. MiG-29 flight as part of an exclusive 5 day trip via Moscow

Following we will provide a detailed description of each tour:


Below, please find the price chart for any of the available MiG-29 

fighter jet in-air flight plans and associated itinerary options.

 AEROBATIC  20 MIN  FLIGHT + 3 DAYS  12,900.00
 AEROBATIC  20 MIN  FLIGHT + 3 DAYS  14,900.00
 EDGE-OF-SPACE  40 MIN  FLIGHT + 3 DAYS  17,900.00
 AEROBATIC  20 MIN  FLIGHT + 5 DAYS  13,200.00
 AEROBATIC  20 MIN  FLIGHT + 5 DAYS  15,200.00
 EDGE-OF-SPACE  40 MIN  FLIGHT + 5 DAYS  18,200.00
 VIP UPGRADE (*)    FLIGHT + 3 DAYS  400.00
 VIP UPGRADE (*)    FLIGHT + 5 DAYS  800.00
 GROUND CAMERA      600.00
 COCKPIT CAMERA      300.00
 PERSONAL SUIT      300.00


VIP guests enjoy reception and departure assistance at the airport, 4 star and 5 star accommodation with preferential room selection, transit between event venues in a luxury class vehicle, first-class train tickets round-trip Moscow/ Nizhny Novgorod (5 day tour), complimentary dinners and lunches (alcoholic beverages not included), provision of a local SIM cell phone. 



visa support, security clearance Sokol airbase, round-trip transfer between hotel in Nizhny Novgorod and Sokol airbase, privately guided tour of Sokol airbase aviation museum, multi-lingual translator during pre-flight briefing, pre-flight medical check, MiG-29 flight according to your pre-selected flight plan, certificate of achievement, trip insurance;




visa support, security clearance Sokol airbase, 2 nights (B& B) standard room in a 3 star hotel in Nizhny Novgorod, privately guided sight-seeing tour of Nizhny Novgorod, round-trip transfer between hotel in Nizhny Novgorod and Sokol airbase, privately guided tour of Sokol airbase aviation museum, multi-lingual translator during pre-flight briefing, pre-flight medical check, 

MiG-29 flight according to your pre-selected flight plan, certificate of achievement, trip insurance; 



visa support, security clearance Sokol airbase, 2 nights (B& B) standard room in a 3 star hotel in Moscow, privately guided sight-seeing tour Moscow city, train ticket Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod, 2 nights (B& B) standard room in a 3 star hotel in Nizhny Novgorod, privately guided sight-seeing tour Nizhny Novgorod, round-trip transfer between hotel in Nizhny Novgorod and Sokol airbase, privately guided tour of Sokol airbase aviation museum, pre-flight medical check, multi-lingual translator during pre-flight briefing, MiG-29 flight according to your pre-selected flight plan, certificate of achievement, train ticket for Sapsan high-speed train from Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow, trip insurance; 


To book your MiG-29 flight experience, please fill out and submit the booking request form specifying the number of participants, your preferred flight dates, your choice of either 1 day-, 3 day- or 5 day trip itinerary and your choice of upgrades (if any). 

Once we have received your initial booking request, we will contact you for copies of your passport and the MiG-29 flight passenger questionnaire to forward your detail to our service partners in Moscow for a final review. After they come back to us with a confirmation of your requested trip detail, we will contact you with specific travel dates, send you a service contract and payment instructions.

Please remember, that we do need a 65 day min. lead-up time once we have received your passport copies, in order to organize the required visas and associated security clearances for the Sokol airbase. 

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