Travel with us to the world famous Sokol airbase

in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia and 

hitch a ride in the legendary MiG-29 fighter jet!

As always in Flight Club, we custom tailor our

events according to your personal preferences. 

Experience what a low level pass feels like

when you' re going 1,200 km/h & test your

metal during high speed aerobatics like rolls,

loops, tail slides and more!

The MiG-29 will take you from the runway

to 65,000 ft AGL - the edge of space. 

High enough for you to be able to confirm

for yourself that the planet is still round.

On the way back from the stratosphere, 

let your pilot show you what the MiG-29 

This is not a simulator! You' ll be in the co-pilot

seat and don't need prior flight experience.

The PDF will provide you with everything there 

is to know about your MiG-29 flight and guide you through the customization options and the booking process for your trip.

For event itineraries, prices, booking and FAQs please download the MiG-29 Flights PDF here

Book your tickets for the thrill of-a-lifetime today!

Brought to you in co- operation with our service partners at Country of Tourism Ltd. in Russia!

Many companies have been selling tickets for suborbital flights onboard concept RLVs

like the Lynx or Space Ship 2 for years. Until date, these projects remain concepts only.

Our "Edge- of- space" flight plan has been designed to simulate take- off sensations,

suborbital flight conditions and re-entry scenarios for passengers onboard RLV flights.

This is your chance to get a glimpse of what suborbital flight will actually feel like!

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Depending mainly on your personal fitness

level, you can choose the duration of your

flight (25 or 45 min) and ask your pilot to up

or down the intensity level when performing

certain maneuvers.

Flight Club MiG-29 Fighter Jet Rides

Trip detail and itinerary

"Edge-of-space flight"

"Supersonic aerobatic flight"

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can really do and try to keep your cool during combat aerobatics at mach 2.3! The

round trip will last 45 min & you should request an onboard camera prior to take-off!

Customize your MiG-29 flight plan! We have two different flight routines for you: 

either fly to the "edge-of-space" or engage in a hardcore "supersonic aerobatic flight".

MiG-29 flight at Sokol airbase

Check out the MiG-29 in action in this video