Learn to fly your body in the safe environment of a vertical wind tunnel indoor free fall simulator!

Our bodyflight coaching programs are custom tailored to best suit the learner' s individual 

need, skill set and personal fitness level. 

All bodyflight sessions are being conducted in

accordance with the rules, regulations and

guidelines of Sky Venture and of the International

Bodyflight Association.


Just like a conventional 

wind tunnel used for 

testing cars, only vertical.

Technical specifications:

A 1600 hp engine powers

giant fan blades which

create wind speeds of 

up to 180 mph!

bodyflying is the art of controlling your 

body in free fall. 

Everybody starts out flying on their bellies.

Eventually though, you will be able to 

perform the same maneuvers while flying

on your back, sitting or standing in the air 

and while flying head down.

We can control the wind speeds in the flight 

chamber & you wil be flying with an instructor.

Be advised: this is an extremely addicting 

activity! Kids and pro skydivers alike tend to 

go absolutely crazy for this!

the flight chamber is 

16 ft in diameter & 

approximately 40 ft high.

Accordingly it is a very safe and indiscriminate

environment & 

virtually everybody can learn to fly there!

You can learn how to maintain a stable 

position, move forward and backwards, 

up & down, turn and go from side to side.

Fun first- time flyer experiences and peak performance coaching sessions for pro flyers and skydiving competitors.... which are also kind of fun ;)

Flight Club offers progressive skills development courses for body flight fans of any age (5-95) and of all experience levels.

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We travel worldwide and work location-independent. Accordingly, we'll fly pretty much

in any wind tunnel of your choice upon request.

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