Skydiving, wind tunnel flying, fighter jet rides,

zero-gravity flights, spaceflight training & more.

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences, custom tailored to meet your personal threshold for

action, adrenaline and excitement- designed to get the very best out of you!

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Fighter Jet Rides

Skydiving Courses

Wind Tunnel Flying

Zero-G Flights

Spaceflight Training

Flight Club - where the dream of flight becomes reality

coaching & mentorship

for skydivers of all

experience levels

in free-flying, RW 

and canopy piloting.

learn to fly your body

in the safe environment

of a vertical wind tunnel

indoor skydiving


fly a MiG-29 to the

stratosphere and go supersonic at Sokol airbase in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

experience weightlessness

during parabolic flights

onboard an IL-76 MDK

in Star City, Russia.

courses for civilian

participants at the

Gagarin Cosmonaut

Training Center in

Star City, Russia.

Flight Club - more than just another travel agency

Flight Club members have been very successful

in pro skydiving competition since 1995.

Adventure travel - Extreme Sport - Lifestyle


With a combined total of more than twenty US

National and World championship titles in free-

flying, formation skydiving and canopy piloting,

we are more than just another travel agency.

We are making adventure travel and extreme 

sport a lifestyle.

Enjoy roaming our pages and if

you see something you like, come

fly with us and have some fun !

Flight Club hosts unique adventure travel tours and state-of-the-art educational courses 

dedicated to air sports fans wishing to enhance

their personal development and to corporate

entities seeking innovative solutions in regards

to effective team building strategies.

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