Flight Club organizes state-of-the-art adventure trips and hosts educational courses dedicated to all air sports fans with an avid interest in enhancing their personal experience and development.

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences, custom tailored to meet your personal threshold for action, adrenaline and excitement.

Flight Club's mission is to advance the sport, the art and the science of human flight, by making activities which used to be a privilege for the very few and fortunate only, accessible to everyone.

In doing so, we hope to provide an opportunity for the next generation, to freely explore all aspects of human flight and to discover the spirit it carries within.

Flight Club was originally established in Arizona by a loose assembly of five internationally awarded skydivers in 2004.

Thanks to the success of their sport careers, we have been able to create a truly unique social and professional network reaching across the entire globe. This network is the very foundation of our business today and helps us re-define the adventure travel industry as you know it. We've made adventure and sport a lifestyle.

Each person traveling with us is unique, one-of-a-kind. We see our clients as co-adventurers and welcome everybody into a team environment which is supportive, co-operative and fun.

It is our promise to share our experience, guide you with expert advice while you are traveling with us and to safely bring you back home... personally

Meanwhile, we wish you a good time roaming our pages and if you do see something you like, come fly with us and have some fun!


                        ACCELERATED FREE-FALL COURSE

                        USPA SKYDIVING LICENSES

                        SKYDIVE COACHING AND MENTORING


Learn to skydive. Get your skydiving career started with an Accelerated Free-Fall course, qualify for USPA skydiving licenses, work on your style with some personal coaching and contend for USPA skydive instructor ratings.

Shop for the latest and greatest in parachuting technology with the full array of NZ Aerosports made Icarus canopies and Daedalus project canopies available in our store.  

Hitch a supersonic ride to the stratosphere in a MiG-29 fighter jet and test your metal in the skies above the Sokol airbase in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Train like a real astronaut! Attend a spaceflight training course for civilian participants at the GCTC.

Experience weightlessness during a series of zero gravity parabola flights onboard an Ilyushin-76 MDK at the Chkalovsky airfield near Moscow.

Fly in a wind tunnel: body-flight coaching for skydivers and all those thinking of becoming one, in the safe environment of an indoor skydiving simulator.


Roam our corporate program page for networking opportunities, event hosting services, team building courses, marketing support and for principal photography assistance.