Name: Stephan Lipp

Age: 42

DoB:  05 July 1973

Occupation: skydiver


# of jumps: 18.900+

years in the sport: 20


Stephan has started out his pro skydiving 

career at Skydive University, Inc. working as 

campus director in Arizona and traveling the

US as coach certification course conductor.

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Stephan' s career profile

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In 2013 Stephan resigned in Dubai in order to dedicate his time and energy exclusively to the Flight Club project.

Stephan then moved on and spent 2 years as 

chief instructor and assistant operations

manager at Skydive Dubai, the "undisputed

Mecca of sport skydiving".

Between 2009 and 2011 Stephan was the

chief instructor at the NZ skydiving school. 

At the time, the center was a one-of-a-kind 

set up. Equal to a vocational college, offering

NZQA government funding to the attendees

of a 32 week diploma in commercial skydiving.

In 2006 he relocated from AZ to Moscow, where he still regularly works at Aerograd

Kolomna as a private skydiving coach.

Stephan has made a name for himself as the 

alternate for Arizona Airspeed and as hired 

gun to the US Army Golden Knights 8- way competition team.

Together with Jason Peters, he co- founded

the Arizona Training Center at Skydive AZ

in 2002, which still exists in its original form.


You can contact Stephan via e-mail or Skype.

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