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Adventure travel - Extreme sports - Lifestyle

Flight Club gift certificates


Surprise someone special with their personal

ticket to the experience of-a-lifetime!


While Flight Club is not a gift compnay per

se, and we are not aspiring to become one, there are occasions when it is kind of nice

to have them available.

While the obvious lays to the left, read on

to the right also for some more suggestions.

So, by popular demand, here it finally is:

our new page with ideas for the perfect gift.


personal gifts

sweepstake prizes

incentive & reward program

Are you an employer trying to boost employee

motivation with a personalized and memorable

reward program?

Did you know that retainable incentives are

more appreciated than cash rewards among 

a majority of the modern workforce?

Contact us and we' ll work together in setting

up a custom incentives pogram that will

inspire your team to go the extra mile when

it really counts.

Are you looking for ways to give your brand 

a more dynamic and exciting touch?

Check out some samples and contact us.

We will help you customize the perfect gift

Skydiving courses, MiG-29 fighter jet rides,

zero-G flights, trips to Star City Russia and

some wind tunnel time for the kids.

Get your gift certificate for any of our events

today. We try to offer a healthy mix for the

young and the young at heart.


If so, why not raffle off some tickets for a

MiG-29 flight to the stratosphere, a zero-G

flight or some wind tunnel time for kids as

part of your next sweepstakes campaign?

Trying to promote a younger and more lively,

adventurous image for your establishment?

Contact us. Let' s put together a concept.

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