Flight Club is expanding its affiliates program. 

We are looking for opportunities to establish partnership and distributor agreements with travel agencies, gift companies, event organizers and aero clubs worldwide.

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At Flight Club we have early on in our professional sports careers discovered the value which our activities have to corporate marketing campaigns of all sorts.

Flight Club Co-operation & Affiliates Program

Flight Club Corporate Programs

Team Building

Multi-media & marketing

Adventure travel - Extreme Sport - Lifestyle

Flight Club Ltd. offers innovative solutions

for corporate entities wishing to implement effective team building strategies.

If you are looking for someone to mentor

your staff members in group dynamics and

leadership questions, why not ask a member

or coach of a national sports team?

If you are looking for someone to help your

executives with stress mangement and

anxiety control, might as well ask someone

who jumped out of an airplane 20,000 times.

Our internationally awarded pro athletes and peak performance coaches are here to help.

Are you looking for a new concept to show off your company logo in style?

Let's work on it. Look at this video 

We run state-of-the art team building and personal development programs evolving

around skydiving, wind tunnel flying and

zero-gravity parabolic flights, designed for one purpose- to get the very best out of you!

Together with our partners we work to help you design and implement creative and effective multi-media marketing strategies.

Are you looking for some publicity generating

prizes for your next sweepstakes award? 

Need some cool ideas to set up an effective incentive and rewards program to motivate your work force?

We got some cool gift ideas for you here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any proposals and ideas you might have.

Based on these experiences we organize fun and effective team building events and personal development courses for corporate entities worldwide.

We have also learned to appreciate how critically important the personal development

of the individual is to the overall competitiveness of a team and have a pretty keen

sense concerning psychological and sociological "do and don't'" criteria when it comes

to forging this team into a winning and sustainable entity.

We have a 20 year history of assisting our corporate partners in the development of

multi-media marketing campaigns evolving around adventure travel and extreme sport activities.

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