To advance the sport

art & science of human

flight by making      

activities which used to 

be a privilege reserved 

for the very few and 

fortunate only, 

accessible for everyone.

Flight Club was originally established at Skydive

AZ in Eloy, USA 2004. Founding members were

Omar Alhegelan, Jeff Provenzano, Steve Curtis

and Stephan Lipp. Shortly after, Roberta Mancino

completed the group. What started as a loose

assembly of superstar skydivers, soon turned

into a wildly popular outfit in the world skydiving

scene and things took off from there with

seemingly irresistible self-dynamics.

We see our clients as 

co- adventurers and

welcome everyone into 

a team environment

which is supportive,

co- operative and fun.


Flight Club historyhere is how it all started out ..


Jeffro, Stephan, Omar & Curtis 2004

In a few short years Flight Club has evolved into one of the leading providers of adventure travel tours and extreme sport events worldwide and

Flight Club Ltd. has been set up and incorporated in New Zealand under the Companies Act 1993.

Director of the company today is Stephan Lipp.

Roberta Mancino

the award winning picture in M.H.F. Magazine - hottest sports babe comp

.. and what happened to us since - Flight Club today

Flight Club - our mission


In doing so, we hope to provide an opportunity

for the next generation to freely and without prejudice explore all aspects of human flight and to discover the spirit it carries within.

Each person traveling

with us is truly unique,


our commitment to you


It is our promise to share our experience, provide you wih expert advice & support and to safely bring you back home ... personally.

Flight Club - the network

Thanks to the success of

our sporting careers, we

have been able to create

a tuly unique social and professional network  reaching across the entire globe. This network is

is the very corner stone of our business today

and helps us re-define the adventure travel

industry as you know it.

While the founding members have moved on to 

each pursue their individual careers, the original 

group still comes together for projects of mutual interest. And thus, our journey continues ...


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